STEM Challenges

STEM Challenge #1


  • Cardboard tubes (paper towel, toilet paper, wrapping paper)
  • Marbles or small balls that will fit easily in the tubes
  • Tape – scotch, packing tape, painters tape or duct tape
  • Measuring tape

Your Challenge:

Build the best marble run you can with the supplies you have. You can run it off a table
or kitchen counter or try attaching it to a door or wall. You may cut the tubes in half so they are
open or leave them whole.

When you are finished, make sure your marble or ball can make it from the top all the
way to the end without getting stuck.

Measure the total length and the total number of turns your run made.

Send us the picture of your completed run to with a label with your name and grade (even
parents) of everyone who helped.

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