STEM Challenges

Stem Challenge #2

Week Two Supplies

  • 100 mini marshmallows (old and stale is fine)
  • 100 toothpicks
  • Measuring tape or yardstick

Week Two instructions

This is a simple challenge. Using only your 100 marshmallows (don’t eat any) and no more than your 100 toothpicks build the highest tower you can. You may not use anything to support your structure but do not need to use all of the marshmallows and toothpick if you don’t want to.

Post a picture of the finished tower and measurement (yardstick or measuring tape in the background) to show it’s finished height. Do not forget to put a label with your name and grade for everyone who helped you build this!

One thought on “Stem Challenge #2

  1. Hello, should the label be handwritten and put next to the project, written in the email we send with the picture of the project, or posted some other way?
    Thank you very much!

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