STEM Challenges

STEM Challenge #5

Last week we offered you a chance to catch up with any missing challenges, this week we are back at it with challenge #5.  After this, only one challenge left! Finish strong!

This week you will be designing a paper bridge for your STEM challenge. You will have to use the limited materials allowed to make a bridge over a fourteen-inch gap. This can be between stacks of books, between chairs, tables, etc. After construction your bridge place as many pennies as you can on top of your bridge to test its strength. When you finish your design, send us a picture with the max number of pennies it can hold. 

Allowed Materials:

  • 2 Pieces of copy paper
  • 6 inches of tape – (you cannot tape your bride to the edges of the gap, for example; if you built your bridge between to stacks of books you cannot tape your bridge to the stacks of books)
  • 50 pennies
  • Scissors
  • Ruler (for measuring not for construction)

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