STEM Challenges

STEM Challenge #6

Ok, so here it is! Just as we are completing our robot for this year’s competition, we are wrapping up this year’s community build season STEM challenge. We hope you all had fun and are proud of your engineering accomplishments!

Did you know that engineers don’t just build things, they break things? They crash cars to see how safe people will be, they test their designs under rigorous circumstances to make sure they will hold up to normal use. The Circuit Breakers do not want our robot to break in a competition so we test the robot in many different ways. Want to break something? This is your chance, (except you want to keep the item from breaking while putting your object through a series of tests).

Egg Drop Challenge

Protect a raw egg from harm! Using a variety of materials or supplies on hand, design, build, and test a contraption that will protect an egg from breaking when dropped from various heights.

Supplies: Raw Eggs, recycle bin items, and any other simple supplies on hand like bubble wrap, tissue paper, or straws. To reduce mess, incorporate zip top bags into the design process. Please ask an adult in your house before you use your eggs so you don’t end up without breakfast!

Measure the height you are going to drop from (start from counter height maybe) and mark it down. Drop your contraption and then see if your egg broke. If it did not, repack it and try from a slightly higher height, but be safe!!!! Each time measure the distance you are dropping and mark if the egg was intact, cracked or destroyed. When you have destroyed and egg or two send us a picture of your contraption, the highest drop it kept the egg safe from, and who helped.

Thank you for participating, stay tuned for fun STEM activities we will post from time to time.

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